Your Roof
is in High Demand

Your Roof
is in High Demand

Earn an escalating annual rent or a substantial upfront payment when we rent your roof for solar.

  • Solar As A Tenant

Have spare roof space? You can earn income.

When you rent your roof for solar, MassAmerican will pay you an annual fixed-rate rent for permission to generate solar energy on your rooftop.

Space for large solar arrays is in high demand at the moment. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that solar developers are eager to find suitable roof space to install solar panels.



  • Fixed-rate payment regardless of weather conditions or energy generation.

  • MAE assumes all the risk of the solar arrays performance.

  • You are simply our Landlord.


Highest lease rates

MAE pays you the highest escalating lease rates in the industry to rent your roof for solar.

And a combination of Federal and state-level incentives has created a unique opportunity for us to enhance those rates even further.

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Do not delay

Time is limited

These government programs will expire. If you miss out on these favorable programs, you may not have another opportunity to use your roof for income generation.

How It Works

We have a proven process for determining if your property is right for our solar as a tenant program.  We will work with you every step of the way from concept to completion.

Letter of Intent

After evaluating our initial proposal, we will ask you to execute a Letter of Intent so we may commit resources to developing the solar installation.

Roof Review (Evaluation)

MAE assesses your roof before installing solar energy arrays. We will inspect your roof to determine the amount of work needed (if any) to ensure that it lasts for the life of the solar project.

System Engineering

Our engineers will work with the utility company to validate capacity and ensure safe, reliable operation.

Lease Signing

We sign a typical site lease agreement, just like your other tenants, except our rent is certain for a longer period of time and includes low cost renewable electricity.

Development and Construction

We secure permits, notify the utility, and prepare for installation. Our experienced project managers minimize impact to your other tenants and ensure your roof lasts for the life of the lease.

Continual Maintenance

Our team handles regular system monitoring and maintenance to ensure everything is running smoothly. You receive your lease payment regardless of system performance.

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