Earn Income By Leasing Your Roof

You choose a significant, annual revenue stream or an up-front cash payment.

We assume all the risk, cost, and effort while you collect the lion’s share of the solar arrays’ revenue in the form of a predetermined lease payment.

  • We Assume The Risk

  • We Handle Maintenance
  • You Get Steady Revenue

We do not sell solar panel systems. With our program, we own the solar arrays and simply pay you for the space on your rooftop. We design, build and maintain the system for the duration of the lease. You have absolutely no financial obligation. You simply collect the rent for leasing us your spare roof space.

If you install and own a solar array system, you will be limited by your own usage. By renting your rooftop to MassAmerican, you won’t be limited by your usage so we can use the entirety of your rooftop. This allows us to generate more income which we pass on to you through a substantial lease payment.

No, we install the solar panels without penetrating your roof. This is done by using a ballasted mounting system. A ballasted mounting system is when the solar equipment is weighed down to hold it in place, instead of penetrating the roof. Furthermore, your roof will be inspected to ensure that it is suitable for the project before any work occurs.

Unlike tenants with short-term leases, our solar system provides you with consistent revenue for up to 25 years, increasing your weighted average lease term (WALT).

Higher Net Operating Income and lower cap rate will give you more value. Even if you sell your property with on-site solar, you can expect a higher valuation.

Utility companies are actively lobbying state legislators to reduce the benefits of these programs, so your time to participate and maximize your returns may be limited.

MassAmerican will assess your roof to determine what repairs are necessary. If repairs are required, MassAmerican can pay for the repairs including full replacement of the roof for your building.

Our solar array installation does not penetrate your existing roof. We have successfully developed and installed over 130 solar array systems without disruption to current occupants.

If you want to get more involved, you can own, operate and utilize the power from your solar installation. MAE can help you determine the best option based on your personal goals and develop, install and finance your solar array.